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Mickey Goodman and Wes Bray are professional marketers with substantial economic development and entrepreneurial experience. Following extensive marketing and entrepreneurial business careers, Wes spent 12 years on the board of Market New Haven, the economic development arm of the City of New Haven, and served full time as Lead Mentor with the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, while Mickey spent 14 years teaching at the Stern School of Business at NYU and currently teaches entrepreneurship at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Together, they bring both strategic and marketing planning skills with entrepreneurial program experience and a deep familiarity with community institutions to e2's community and academic partners.


Dean, Ketner School of Business, Catawba College


Mickey Goodman

Senior Experienced Marketing & entrepreneurship consulting

Successful economic development programs offer more than just education. They require planning to secure support resources. They require marketing to attract businesses and potential entrepreneurs. And they require benchmarks to measure results. e2Advisors' extensive marketing and planning experience can enable this to be achieved. 

Wes Bray

A main plank of economic development programs is education and or training, whether in conjunction with the local school system or colleges, via an entrepreneurship initiative, or through after-work programming. e2Advisors has the program experience and content to guide you through this.


"e2's customized approach and strategic insight enabled Catawba's Ketner School of Business to launch CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Experiential Development) right on schedule. This is a critical initiative for us to compete in attracting the kind of innovative students we want our graduates to be."

e2Advisors first works with you to determine what resources for an economic development or entrepreneurship program exist now in your community. Then e2 develops a plan for enhancement and expansion that the administration can approve.


e2Advisors works with your team to start the program up and then stays with you over time to monitor your progress, update you on industry best practices and recommend new concepts and ideas.